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At BrainMix Solutions, we provide belief that every person has a fundamental right to a malware-free existence. BrainMix Solutions is a team of extremely motivated and highly caffeinated developers, researchers and staff members. Today, BrainMix is a leading provider of anti-malware solutions to consumers and businesses alike. With a global research team working around the clock, millions of BrainMix Solution users can sleep soundly (we don’t!) knowing their computer is protected.
The Vision
It is our vision to be the preferred online broker of Anti-Malware proffessionals worldwide. We strive to provide our clients with the very best service and
the most competitive conditions in the industry. BrainMix offers very innovative anti-threat for worldwide computer users at competitive prices.  
The Values
We have identified three basic values that constitute the core of BrainMix.
These values guide us in our daily work, in our business decisions and in
all contact with our clients.
     Being Competitive
     We are continuously revising our conditions as we want our clients to feel confident that BrainMix at all times provides the market’s most competitive solutions.
     Providing an individualized service of top quality
     We favor a personal relationship with our clients as we believe that trust, discretion and time are key elements to a fruitful partnership. We are always looking for ways to improve our service offers as it is essential for us that our clients receive an absolutely exquisite service.
     Integrity & Professionalism
     We value the trust our clients show us when making the choice of buying solutions from us. We are committed to rewarding this trust by always providing a truly professional service - and to not only meet our
clients’ expectations but to exceed them!
         You can also become a partner by reporting a threat to us either as an individual or a company

History of project


  In 2009, BrainMix started as an independent common virus analysis firm in the Middle-East; Studying malwares, trojans, how they operate and cause damages to the computer. We set out to educate and prepare individuals and groups in technical analysis for virus and malware behaviour.

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