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14/06/2010 12:31

Liberty Reserve Payment Accepted!

Our new e-payment method is now Liberty Reserve! Due to Limitation of PayPal in some countries, We have limited our payment method to Liberty...


At BrainMix Solutions, we provide belief that every person has a fundamental right to a malware-free existence. BrainMix Solutions is a team of extremely motivated and highly caffeinated developers, researchers and staff members. Today, BrainMix is a leading provider of anti-malware solutions to consumers and businesses alike. With a global research team working around the clock, millions of BrainMix Solution users can sleep soundly (we don’t!) knowing their computer is protected.

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15/06/2010 08:59

Report a known threat

Currently, we've not received more than one complaint about malwares. Let's join hands and better the world. Click Here to report a Malware


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